"To embody the races of humankind"-Laurice Reed

Racial Agility Consulting Enterprise (RACE) is on a mission to bridge the gap between mental health and racial equity. Racial agility is the intellectual ability to embody the races of humankind as a constituent part of oneself. Through such, RACE is focused on individual behavior change and organizational behavior change management using a cognitive training model. Helping organizations create a workplace where people no longer internalize aspects of their identity in order to survive; instead, they begin to regulate their nervous systems and bring their full selves to work. We firmly believe that race and equity aren’t just buzzwords. While organizations need people to achieve their goals, race and equity will be either a source of strength or a source of weakness. In today’s current racial and political climate, the racial anxiety is high creating a social environment that ignores the physiological and emotional aspects of race. Becoming racially agile produces great benefits from workplace adaptability, to social influence, and contribution to a national fair and impartial system for all.